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So what do these mean bitches enjoy doing to slaves in a webcam sessions?

Cock and ball torture is always a huge favourite, watching a sub hurt his pathetic dick, using what ever Mistress tells you to bring along for that session.You can read our live femdom webcam blog posts here

Orgasm control and guided masturbation, which also includes edge play, ruined orgasm, cock milking, jerk off instructions as well as cum eating instructions chastity contracts, and wanking contracts. Discuss with a mistress when you are in her chat. Get ready to watch our live strong females over at www.femdom cam chat.com

Humiliation- Mistresses love this one, humiliating, sissy girls, forced feminization, strapon training, anal abuse,spitting, slapping, and public as well as making subs,slaves do humiliating tasks online which could be any number of things, ranging from making them wear their wife or girlfriends panties, or getting their pictures taken, cuckold scenario ,blackmail domination and not forgetting financial slavery and ruin for paypigs.

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Ready to become a human ashtray for Mistress? Do you have a smoking fetish? This mean domina loves nothing more than to make you eat and swallow her ash, dressing up in fetish clothes and making you kneel in front of her as she flicks that ash in your mouth and making you thank her for every flick.Get ready to be abused, this mistress also loves to make non smokers become heavy chain smokers and she wont back down when it comes to making you sit in front of her and smoke one after the other.

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If you are a slave who likes the idea of being with a strict female who will never show any mercy no matter how much you beg and plead, then step inside and meet our ladies now. They could not give a dam about your predicament or what happens to you or if you are left with no money and ruined, their only goal is to bleed you dry and leave you nothing, let you sweat and laugh at your demise. You are nothing to them, losers who need to be humiliated on cam and cucks and sissies who need to be degraded, laughed at, teased,and abused. Nothing else , you are just a toy, a sex slave an entertainment purpose.

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These strong, eager powerful women see you as weak, useless and pathetic, to be laughed at and ridiculed as well as tortured and degraded, you mean nothing to them, dress you up, pimp you out and let everyone have some fun with you, that is all these ladies want to do with you.Train you to suck cocks, lick ass and bend over for propr anal abuse, that is all you are worth now in their world.

You have no way out, your cock and balls have become the property of her, she can torture, use stand on and abuse them, she can slap them, pin them up and dag her heels in, she can stop you from wanking by forcing a chastity device on to you, you will never escape the power of such meaness of a cruel seductive female who let’s no one stand in her way when it comes to bdsm chat and control.

Whips,  gags and bound and left denied, this is how she leaves you, worthless and humiliated, the power she has to take over your life and control every area of your being. This is the beauty of bdsm ladies who love losers to be left naked chained and whiped and caned daily.