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Meet some of my humiliated sissy girls/boys. I love dressing them up and using forced feminization coupled with blackmail and the threat of exposure. It is a huge turn on to a superior Mistress like me to watch as these little bitches flap and beg not to be put  up on any website gallery. So this blog post is dedicated to them and new ones will be added on a weekly basis so keep watching.

Sissy humiliated on cam

Meet Karen, this is her humiliated in the bath and getting her chest shaved, this is not any ordinary bath though, this is an ice cold bath and this little cuck was made to  drink from it after she had been shaved both her little clitty and her chest. The squeals and the begging to stop shavign her chest was highly entertaining for Mistress. I have to admit i love being an evil mistress who enjoys every aspect of humiliating bitches like this.

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Welcome to Jennys tea party for one haha!! How pathetic but equally amusing watching this little sissy slut, this was taken before she had a great eating cum and learning more about cum eating instructions as after all that’s what little bitches deserve. Forcing her into this pretty dress and dorothy shoes and sitting back drinking my champagne as she sucked cock like a good little cocksucker it was a fantastic day .Jenny learned her place and all bdsm shows the sissy will always learn there place in the mistress world. If you are ready to be a contracted slave then step forward and be prepared to obey everything that is demanded and expected of you loser.


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