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princessviThere are lots of girls on the BDSM section of live cam sites who have no idea of the first place to start when it comes to the art of femdom and in particular, humiliation. Any woman can say “on your knees” and call men losers. But it takes a real, professional humiliatrix cams Mistress to give the ultimate in humiliation and degradation. A wicked imagination and a naturally dominant personality coupled with a sadistic streak and a no nonsense attitude is required. All these traits make the ultimate humiliatrix and a female who will leave you inno uncertain terms just who is in charge.

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All these dominant girls know exactly how to treat men and how they SHOULD be treated. Like scum. They will sit filing their nails as they ignore you, they will force you to stand as they rip your confidence to pieces with cutting remarks and really nasty comments, they will take great delight in tearing your masculinity to shreds by telling you gleefully how sexually satisfied their real men boyfriends make them while you have never satisfied a woman in your miserable, pathetic life. And they will really degrade you as they force you to undergo anal training cams in preparation for pimping you out and make you practice shoving bigger and bigger objects up your ass.

The true art of humiliation is not something that can be learned overnight but some women are born with it naturally. And those are the meanest. The ones who believe in a female led world and who believe that all men are beneath them.

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