Sissy Financial Domination Cams

Sissy financial servitude!! This pathetic cuckold sissy knows her place is to bring money to her superior Queen and Goddess. She bows down while wearing her little pink panties. smiling as Mistress drain her ban accounts and saving accounts. Why should this little money pig have nice things in life? She works only to give her superior the money. She is given a financial slave contract and pocket money to see her through from week to week. I have no interest in how much a money slave struggles. You pay up what you are due to pay or find yourself listed on my sites!!!!


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She knows she must hand over money every week to me. Her job is to continue her work, job and career but every thing she makes now comes to her Mistress, I own her ass now, she does everything that is ordered of her, i have to much information on her now. I could make her life a real misery, i could  make  her wish she was never born when i submit her pictures to the local pub and make flyers to stick on lamposts of her in panties with dildos up her ass !!! Oh dear i better obey my mistress???

I will milk, drain, and bankrupt and all the while i will do it with a smile as i watch you struggle, My job is to ruin you,drain you and have you as my little cash cow,  my bank  my human atm and your cash now belongs to me you know your place so start paying up now.

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